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Modern solutions in greenhouse technology create the conditions for sustainable local food production and opportunities for productive cultivation in various operating environments. Helle-Tech has decades of expertise in the greenhouse industry and a clear vision of future development. Invite us to serve you.

We have always a suitable solution for greenhouse production to offer, whether it is a lighting update or a construction project of an extensive greenhouse complex. 


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Optimum growth and energy-efficient cultivation can be influenced, for example, with LED lighting. Light can be used to take into account the lighting power required by plants in micromoles. In the design of a greenhouse, the window area also affects the utilization of natural light. Because of this, each site is unique and requires its own plan. We have the long experience to deliver for planning.

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Greenhouse technology, equipment and technology have developed to meet the needs of professional farmers in a variety of environments, to solve the development needs of available solutions. We use the latest scientific studies in the industry to optimize our solutions.