Greenhouse Technology

The future development of greenhouse technology.

Customized solutions for demanding conditions.

We deliver all you need for productive greenhouse cultivation. Helle-Tech’s expertise delivers an opportunity for a profitable cultivation of greenhouses in the Northern latitudes like in Finland. With the right selection of greenhouse technologies this is possible. 

Our web sites presents the major fundaments of our technological philosophy, but the detailed and farm based mapping will be needed for the optimized proposal and farm based plan of production technologies.  So please contact our local contact person to open the conversation in details.


Helle-Tech offers turn-key solutions for new greenhouse projects and extension parts. 

Greenhouse technology and equipment

Helle-Tech delivers greenhouse technologies and equipment for climate control, optimization of farming productivity and harvesting.

Greenhouse Lighting

The lighting solutions of Current presents the highest quality of greenhouse lights. There is a R&D of decades behind together with a wide range of research made with farmers. 

Everything for greenhouse cultivation.

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