Helle-Tech as a company

Background of our success story


The expertise and knowledge of the company born decades before Helle-Tech Oy was established. Timo Helle the founder of the company has worked with the greenhouse cultivation since 1990’s when he started to serve farmers to develop their cultivation methods and technologies. 

After a short brake caused by previous business transaction during last decade Timo Helle started Helle-Tech Oy at 2020 to make his next jump in the sector. Based the strong passion in greenhouse development and expertise of cultivation, Timo Helle can be seen as a leading fore-runner of the sector.  

Now-a-days Helle-Tech Oy is a family company, where the next generation of Helle family is taking a shift, and build the future of greenhouse cultivation based on highly-respected heritages of family’s traditions and Timo’s knowledge.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve high-quality and robust solutions for a professional greenhouse cultivation. The modern methods and solutions will optimize productivity of crop and create a corner stone for a sustainable and energy efficient farming.  

We act as a reliable partner of the greenhouse investment, from the initial mapping of the project to its construction. We deliver complete turn-key solutions or complementary technology deliveries. A customer is able to get the different options and the first cost estimates fast and easily. Planning of projects, monitoring of the progress of technology deliveries and personal trainings will be done in close cooperation with the customer.

We want to be creating sustainable vegetable production, which guarantees the production of local vegetables in all areas. Also there where it would not be possible, profitable or sustainable with traditional methods.

"The best moment of the project is when the lights of a new greenhouse will be turned on."

Timo Helle

Team Helle

Timo Helle

Timo Helle owns an experience over 30 years in greenhouse cultivation. He acts as a head of consultancy in Helle-Tech Oy together with his official position as a Chair of the company.

Tel. +358 40 052 8308, email: timo.helle(at)helle-tech.fi

Joonas Helle

Joonas Helle present the second generation of Helle family in greenhouse business. He takes care about business development and internationalization of Helle-Tech Oy.

Tel. +358 44 534 0704, email: joonas.helle(at)helle-tech.fi

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