Greenhouse Lighting

Booster technology of greenhouse productivity

Helle-Tech offers the best possible solutions of greenhouse lighting. We take into account the plants to be cultivated, existing best practices of technologies and farming facilities, as well as all other factors related to lighting. We design the best possible solutions to solve the lighting that guarantees the optimal growing conditions of greenhouse cultivation in each and every different location.

The expertise of Helle-Tech together with the quality of our own lighting selection offers the solutions to the maximized production volumes of greenhouse cultivation.

Helle-Tech Lighting systems

Thanks to the modular design of our products, we are able to customize every aspect of the solution according to individual customer needs or preferences. In our design, we use reusable components that can be applied to many different product configurations, thus reducing wastage and guaranteeing the sustainability. The modular system can also be easily upgraded as and when the efficiency of lamps improves, thus future proofing our farmer's investment.

Mini Series

Compact, adjustable, and upgradeable series, designed for leafy green growers seeking replacements to 400W HPS lamps on a point for point or optimised layout.

Reference Case – HPS-to-LED Retrofit :

One-to-one replacement of 400W HPS Lamps to LED Mini Type-B [B8]

/ 62% Energy Saving vs. HPS

/ Equal PPF (μmol/s) vs. HPS1

/ 2.8 Year Payback exc. Subsidies

Midi Series

Adaptable and upgradeable series, designed to replace 600W – 1000W HPS lamps on a point for point or optimised layout.

Reference Case – HPS-to-LED Retrofit: 

One-to-one replacement of 600W HPS Lamps to LED Midi Type-B [B8]

/ 53% Energy Saving vs. HPS

/ Equal PPF (μmol/s) vs. HPS1

/ 3.4 Year Payback exc. Subsidies

Maxi Series

Powerful, adjustable, and upgradeable series, providing retrofit and new build solutions for leafy green & high wire growers seeking to maximise yields & optimise cost of ownership.

Reference Case – HPS-to-LED Retrofit: 

Optimized replacement of 1000W HPS Lamps to LED Maxi Type-A [B8]

/ 45% Energy Saving vs. HPS

/ 20% Fixture Reduction vs. HPS1

/ 3.3 Year Payback exc. Subsidies



Optimized lighting solutions boost crop with light density, color and speed of light to maximize the productivity.  

Everything to greenhouse cultivation.