Greenhouse technologies and equipment

Modern cultivation technologies

The greenhouse technologies used in solutions of Helle-Tech has been developed to deliver the best possible productivity in different farming environments. We have selected them to optimize the cultivation conditions during the different periods of day and year round of Nature. 

All our planning bases on scientific research and the best possible practices of plant cultivation conditions.

The focus of Helle-Tech is the modern  development of greenhouse farming, with our perspective of decades in the business.  All our partners present the highest expertise and quality of their sector.   

Nanobubble technology

The modern nanobubble technology provides a healthy conditions for plants to grow. It delivers the maximized volume of oxygen and nutrition for root system of plants.

As a new technology, nanobubbles have brought a significant improvement to the well-being of crops and the efficiency of irrigation. The root system plays a significant role in the well-being of the plant, so optimizing the supply of oxygen and nutrients and maintaining a clean growing environment are key to the well-being of the entire plant. Dissolved oxygen is supersaturated in the nanobubbles, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the root system, while inhibiting and reducing pathogens.

We collaborate with Moleaer company to use their nanobubble technology as a part of our solution planning. 

Nanokuplia tuottava laite Neo

Lettuce and herb cultivation benches

Lettuce and herb cultivation benches rise a productivity of cultivation at the same when reducing a space consumption. We design a layout and technologies of lettuce and herb cultivation as individually by each site. This way the productivity of the farm can be maximized.

Danish Viemose offers effective solutions for lettuce and herb cultivation, as well as general greenhouse benches. The solutions of Viemone has developed to reduce the farming space and increase the efficiency in cultivation work.

The mobile lettuce cultivation bench reduces the need of water and used energy, thus reducing production costs and the carbon footprint. Viemonen’s mobile benches reduce the need for production space by 25-30%.

Ask more about the solutions based on needs of your greenhouse.

Climate control of greenhouse

Dehumidification and heat recovery modify the climate of the greenhouse towards optimal growing conditions.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming creates the conditions for cultivation where it would not come to mind first. The developmentof greenhouse technology has enabled greenhouse cultivation, for example, in city centers.


In vertical farming, the needs for irrigation, energy and light are precisely sized to suit the production and thanks to optimization. In this way, less resources are consumed in cultivation, and vertical farming is environmentally friendly and has a smaller carbon footprint.

Everything for greenhouse cultivation.