Helle-Tech’s team has delivered thousands of cubic meters of greenhouses. There is several turn-key projects made in locations where the profitable vegetable cultivation has traditionally been hard to reach in North, like in Finland and Baltic countries. Please find few customer stories from this page. To know more, please contact us. 

Please also note that the technological solutions of every site are unique, and the new technologies continuously drive the solutions further. Contact us to get the best solutions for your own requirements. 

Seinäjoen Puutarha SEPU

Seinäjoki, Finland

Seinäjoki Puutarhan was founded in 1999 and today the cultivated area is a respectable 3.5 ha.A new separate greenhouse was built for Seinäjoki Puutarha few years ago.  Cucumbers are grown in the greenhouse and Seinäjoki Puutarha also produces cherry tomatoes.

The turn-key project of the large greenhouse complex included all from the lighting of the greenhouse, electrical work, lifting benches for seedlings, etc. So, everything that the greenhouse was ready for new seedlings and for the beginning of the growing season.


Karjalohja, Finland

Hortihertua’s agricultural products include cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs, which are delivered fresh to stores in the Uusimaa region in Finland. The expansion of the greenhouse was started in 2020 and the lights were turned on in the finished greenhouse in the same year.

Turn-key delivery of greenhouse including planning of greenhouse design and technology, project coordination of construction work, energy solution and production technology supply for herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers.

Puutarha Timo Juntti

Kaarina, Finland

The market garden located in Piikkiö, which started operating in the 1960s, has been feeding Finns with its vegetables for many decades, and the operation continues from father to son.

Cucumbers have been grown with long experience and a modern approach. The operation is constantly being developed and Helle-Tech was pleased to be involved in the renovation of the greenhouse’s lighting. HPS lighting was upgraded to hybrid lighting by replacing half of the overhead lights with LED lights in December 2022

Already in few months can be stated a 27% reduction in energy demand needed by the lamps. 

Reference figures of our expertise in greenhouse deliveries:

8800 +
Lights to greenhouses
19000 +
Meters of lettuce benches
90000 +
Square meters of greenhouse

Everything for greenhouse cultivation.